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Painting on Canvas


Stephanie offers custom paintings of your choosing through a variety of canvas surfaces and sizes.   You will be able to choose which surface you would like your painting on along with the size that will best fit your needs.   In order to give the best possible result, especially for a painting of your pet or a loved one, a high quality photo of your subject is needed.  The image cannot be blurry or too small in order for the artist to be able to get as much detail as possible.  For example: a front facing or 3/4 high quality photo is ideal.

Pricing depends on the size and complexity of your painting, but each painting start at $100 for an 8"x10".  Each are painted with high quality acrylic paints.  A deposit is also required before any work starts that is also included with the price.

The process also includes progress photos if you so choose.  Please consider time and supplies used.

Feel free to contact Stephanie for a quote.

Gabby Oil on Canvas 16x20.jpg
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